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CISMA the growing

influence of the surpassed Germany as the world’s largest exhibition of “with the adjustment and transfer of industrial structure in the world, now has become the world’s China sewing equipment manufacturing center, the industry support that CISMA become without rebuke the world’s largest professional sewing equipment exhibition, and has great potential.” Hu Miaohai said.

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[global network of shoes shoes 1 footwear culture] as we all know, in ancient Greece, the shoes symbolize the difference between slavery and freedom. The Greek philosopher Plutarch (46 — 120) wrote, “barefoot” air jordan concord uk , “is a sign of abject slaves”. Slaves were not permitted to wear a shoe, the slaves were sold, their bare feet covered with chalk or plaster, so they are called cretati, namely “chalk people”. The Greek free people dare not wear shoes on the streets, afraid of being a slave. Historically speaking, shoes reflect the wealth, can be used to determine a person’s social status, and even religious beliefs. For example, two hundred and seventy years ago, if an English girl wearing a pair of leather shoes, will be considered to be wearing a lace with a high heel shoes are very different nike air jordan 8 retro playoff 305381 from the young lady – even if she is wearing a very refined leather shoes.

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] shoes net in Jizhong plain, the folklore of many old customs, every lunar leap years, daughter

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is going to make a pair of shoes to the mother, namely: send leap shoes. Custom of starting time of to say that shoe bottom is the basic skills, so do shoe uppers and help, is alive. Do first to draw the upper shoe in the paper, Cheap Air jordan dmp 11 for sale then cut out of cloth like paper by appearance, then brush on the cloth paste, dried in order

to ensure the upper hardness. The last is bottoming help, only the fine and uniform stitches, in order to ensure that the sole and the upper joint is smooth wrinkle free, will not wear off, not feet comfortably.

168 dollars / ton glue delivery way country price date Thailand RSS3 FOB/BK 42055.8 SIR20 FOB/JK 419150.26200610312 RSS3 10.

092006103123 Indonesia Singapore 42050.

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day before the news came from Chengdu, the first consisting of Italy footwear brand ” air jordan 1 drawing Baotuan” Monopoly game — “Italy is famous” will be opened in September 28th, this includes nearly 100 pure Italy brand, have fully implemented industrydirect brand stores, may mark the “middle” brand to explore overseas enter the beginning of the new China mode, buy nike air jordan 5 oreo as well as foreign second tier brands involved in Chinese began to scale.

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British woman Senator Doris the first to

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stand up against according to British media reported

on 16, although British Prime Minister Brown recently urged trade unions focus on reducing public spending, but the union representative is beyond all expectations targeting female high-heeled shoes, female staff in the workplace as comfortable to wear low heeled shoes. Two women union representatives believe that more and more British women wearing 10 cm above the killer heels, this let Britain become the hardest hit of foot disease.

Beckham lead to wear high heels British fashion

the high-heeled shoes to work?

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Third China (Foshan) machinery and equipment exhibition opens today. Provincial Economic and Trade Commission official said, Foshan machinery and equipment exhibition influence gradually expanded, the development of Guangdong machinery and equipment industry to promote the role of significant enhancement. a machinery factory in Dalian Project Manager Luo Jiang said, their factory is the third consecutive year to participate in the exhibition last year, is selling more than 3

million yuan of the mechanical products in the field, is expected to this exhibition, Yunfu and other Pearl River Delta city for the purchase of their factory is still great. Mechanical industry driven, machine tools are called machine processing industry, driven by hardware, such as iron and steel, a Yunfu City purchases this year is estimated to exceed 1 million 500 thousand yuan.

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[the] regulations in recent years, whenever the holidays, all ” ” into the mountain adventure tour pal;, lead to accidents: first Chongqing tanzhangxia flash floods caused by 19 ” ” were killed, after the tour pal; Fudan students lost in Mount Huangshan caused by police killed the search and rescue, the most recent and Four Girls Mountain tour pal ” ” missing, October 29th Beijing Fangshan District ” ” when climbing a cliff tour pal; died… In. ” ” to emerge in an endless stream; mountain; behind the high risk of mountaineering and outdoor sports have obviously. Recently, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center mountaineering sports management seminar held in high-risk places in Beijing Huairou, air jordan vii white light silver true red for sale the meeting was a major news: rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, mountain outdoor sports and other four

sports to be included in the “high risk sports in national fitness regulations”, the guidance and management of the outdoor sports. The relevant national standards for these high-risk projects are in the discussion stage, will soon be available. This means that in the future ” ” through the network spontaneously organized tour pal; mountaineering and adventure activities will meet ” ” threshold;. Prior to departure, the organizers of mountaineering activities must register with the relevant administrative departments for the record. Outdoor sports: rapid development with the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people like outdoor sports. According to the Chinese Mountaineering Association statistics, in 2007 the number of national participation in outdoor sports has 60 million to 80 million, and some clubs have registered members of 20 thousand people. The sports department estimates that over 10 thousand people go to mountain climbing every buy new nike air jordan 1 i off 72 weekend in Ningbo. With the rapid development of outdoor sports at the same time, various forms of outdoor clubs such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged even appeared, users through the online posting of spontaneous establishment of the so-called nominal club to form AA, organization mountaineering, exploration. In February 2007, Chinese Mountaineering Association spokesman Dr. Zhang Zhijian stated publicly, clearly opposed to exploration, netizens spontaneously called ” the tour pal spontaneous organization is loose, the accident is arch-criminal exploration. ” it can be said that the situation in Ningbo and the country is very similar. Industry management: no chapter to follow the mainland of China’s first ” mountain difficult ” is in 1957 occurred in the territory of Gongga

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Sichuan ” mountain ” difficult; 4 people were killed. With the rapid warming of outdoor sports, a variety of non standardized management caused by the risk of frequent, outdoor sports accidents in 2009 appeared ” blowout ” this year, 19 accidents caused a total of 44 people were killed. In August 2009, Typhoon Morakot in ” ” approaching, Ningbo 8 ” ” online posting organized tour pal; into the mountains to feel the typhoon, in Yinzhou District Long Guan Xiang Tong Keng Cun distress, a female ” ” slipped

into the stream; tour pal; missing, the body was found after two months. This is from Ningbo

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[data statistics] China Leather Association, China Light Industry Information Center released 20179 months of light leather boom index. In September, the light leather sentiment index was 85.40, including: the main business income of the business was 87.03, the export business index was 92.85, the assets of the business climate index was 88.38, the profit climate index was 76.01. It is worth noting that the subdivision index year-on-year, an overall decline trend, only the export index in a stable range, and the asset index for June remain in the cold region, profit index is still in the cold period, recently it is continued to decline. 20179 months to 20179 months, in the light of the leather boom index is in the gradual cooling zone, to enter the 2017 showed a downward trend. September in the light of the leather boom index was 85.40, lower than last year (89.39) compared to the same period last month (85.83) has declined. 2016.9 – 2015.9 months of leather industry sentiment index changes 1 leather main business income sentiment index 20179 months to 20179 months, the main business income of leather main business income sentiment index is in gradually cold area. Leather main business income climate index in September was 87.03, lower than the same period last year (89.49) level, compared to last month (87.65) continued to decline. 2015.9 – 2016.9 month leather industry main business income index change trend of 2 leather export boom index for 20179 months to 20179 months, leather export boom index in a stable range, but the fluctuations, gradually decline. September leather export boom index was 92.85, significantly lower than the same period last year (98.21) level, compared to last month (93.29) a slight decline. 2015.9 – 2016.9 month export leather industry boom index trend 3 leather asset boom index 20179 months to 20179 months, leather asset boom index overall downward, by getting cold fall into the stable interval interval. September leather assets index was 88.38, significantly lower than the same period last year (92.37) level, compared to last month (87.50) has increased, in June in a gradual cold zone. 2016.9 – 2015.9 months of the leather industry’s asset climate index changes in the trend of 4 Leather profit climate index from 20179 months to 20179 months, the leather profit climate index fell to the cold zone from the gradual cold zone. September leather profit index was 76.01, significantly lower than the same period last year (83.36), compared to last month (76.86) continued to decline in April, continuous cold zone, and the recent show monthly decline trend. 2016.9 – 2015.9 months of the leather industry profit boom index changes more exciting content, welcome to scan the two-dimensional code below the official WeChat!

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“during a visit to the library

name shoes” (“the library name shoes in all goods are brand manufacturers supply 100% authentic, buy any shoes

Museum goods without paying additional postage” and “enjoy a free replacement opportunity” 3 mall promise.
120 2006 India per capita plastics

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consumption of 4.6 kg in 2008, its per capita consumption will reach 7.9 kilograms; 2006 India plastics demand of 7 million 300 thousand tons, to 2010, the plastics demand will increase to 12 million 400 cheap nike jordan v retro dmp raging bull thousand tons, an average annual growth rate of 12%115%. India is expected to become the world’s third largest consumer of plastics in the world after the United States and Cheap Air jordan 6 infrared pack black infrared and white infrared online China in 2010. To this end, India plastic industry will need 30 thousand sets of new plastic machinery and equipment, about 9 billion 500 million U.S. dollars of investment. the authenticity of this information has not been confirmed, only for your reference

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SMILE (smiling) clothing, under the Hongkong smile Clothing Co., ltd.. Our mainland operations center is headquartered in Hangzhou, the full name of “Hangzhou City, smiling dress Co., Ltd.””. The brand in early 1990 under the leadership of the founder of the Taizhou area in Zhejiang


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Cheap Air jordan 4 light up size 7 as a sign, opened the prelude to enter the mainland market.