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[news] “2017 industry leather industry main industry will continue the trend of 2017, sales revenue, profits, exports are expected to continue to maintain a double-digit growth, sharp decline does not appear in last year’s.” Chinese Light Industry Association vice president and Secretary General Wang Shicheng attended the day before China leather brand meeting of Beijing forum for the industry to predict, in the industry adjustment period Chinese leather enterprises to eat a “reassurance”. However, as an indispensable part of people’s daily life wear products, shoes, bags, leather clothing, such as the Internet era, the arrival of the Internet era, the arrival of the era of personalized and consumer changes. How in the ever-changing Internet era, the era of personalized to allow consumers to consumption, energy consumption, which is still the entire leather industry needs to overcome the new problem. An important period of adjustment of the transformation and upgrading of China’s leather industry although the current overall development is relatively stable, but Wang Shicheng pointed out that the various elements of costs continue to rise, the domestic consumption demand change fast, the leather industry is at an important period of transformation and upgrading adjustment. Statistics Chinese Leather Association, 2017 leather industry growth overall decline, profitability declined, the main economic indicators of growth overall reduced to single digit export growth for three consecutive air jordan v olympic white midnight navy varsity red for cheap years of decline, the main industry is accelerating the import situation. According to the data, Chinese Leather Association director Su Chaoying disclosure of the industry this year, the main economic indicators of China’s leather industry continue to maintain growth, from January to April, leather and fur products sales revenue 390 billion yuan, total profit of 23 billion yuan, an increase of 6% and 1.6% respectively, exports reached $25 billion 150 million, representing a growth of 23%. Among them, the contribution of leather logo enterprises is particularly air jordan 4 chrome prominent. Genuine leather logo is an important measure to implement the brand strategy of China’s leather industry. Implementation of the 21 years, leather logo has become China’s leather industry to implement the quality of self-discipline, casting brand success model and platform. cheap nike jordan 6 retro infrared “2015 vanguard Chinese leather industry brand development report” shows that in recent years, China leather logo leather shoes, leather bags, shoes and leading brand enterprises in a more severe situation overall smooth operation, effectively overcome the basic macroeconomic slowdown, sluggish domestic consumption, exports, rising costs and other factors increase the difficulty of multiple pressure. Report data show that, in addition to the profit of leather shoes and leather clothing production, sales revenue and other indicators of economic indicators fell slightly, the indicators have maintained steady growth in other industries. It is worth mentioning that, in the three consecutive year growth rate down the export market, China leather enterprises are facing a lot of opportunities. Russia’s national Footwear Association, director of Prytkov Sergery pointed out that the first quarter of 2017 Russian market clothing and footwear sales slump, and 2017 fell 42%. Sales of medium priced products fell the most, reaching 60%. Europe lost its advantage in Russia, which is a good time for Chinese products to replace European brands in the Russian market. Prytkov Sergery said Chinese exporters should take this opportunity to further establish

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[electricity] from the performance of the apparel business, the pre-sale of the play is not focused on the price, the preferential way to advance the deposit, designed to drive more consumers to participate. Double 11 approach, the more competitive atmosphere of the apparel business district, the more intense. As the largest category, apparel business marketing play and promotion, can be used as a benchmark for the industry, even the trend of drainage platform. In mid October, Tmall opened the pre-sale activities, consumers need to take a deposit of the specified products, the 11 day can be used as a higher value of the amount of deduction. Pre sale and the actual purchase of the time difference, to allow consumers to wait for the process, attention to the brand with the double 11 marketing activities, to deepen the brand mark, but also to make the purchase of a deeper sense of participation. This dress, “painted” collection of pre-sale Tmall clothing in major sub categories and brands. As of October 31st, breaking millions of clothing brands in the pre-sale period has more than 30. From the performance of the apparel business, the focus is not on the sale of the pre-sale price, advance payment of preferential ways to drive more consumers to participate. After a period of time in advance of the sale, the business can be controlled by the sale of products. At the same time, the pre-sale of the ranking is also the end of the 11 war in the two wars leave clues. 1 women in the 2017 women’s brand in order to tip in the star of the same paragraph, IP joint section of the most popular product sale. Among them, the starry invited the famous Korean designer Cui Fanxi, launched the “starry Cui Fanxi” designer, the pre-sale stage

has a variety of sold out. The joint launched a total of 20 single product, as of now, the sale of a single sale of more than 1000 to 6000 range. In addition, Han clothing brand spokesperson Gianna Jun and Park Shin Hye to star with a new image for the blessing, the output image, drives the fan effect, while expanding the brand of their own influence, deepen the style attribute of Han clothing flagship Korean fashion. Good at using the Korean fashion and media power starry and bazaar, fashion bloggers recommend highly cooperative buyers. In just the end of the current Tmall Festival, Yin man with brand identity, invited Christine Fan as its spokesperson to attend the catwalk, in the double 11 pre-sale period new Christine Fan winter with a unified, double 11 products, visual output image. Fang Jianhua revealed that this year’s double 11 Yin man 400 million yuan in stock, in a relatively conservative way to streamline the product. At the same time, the linkage line shop, launched in the 11

day of the double spike activity. As a traditional famous designer brand line, Dayiyan in July this year, Tmall settled in the first two, namely eleven pre-sale made more than brands expected hot performance, the brand for their first double eleven also is full of confidence and expectations. Leading independent designer brands JICHENG, Tmall settled for more than a year,

this is their second pair eleven, pre-sale performance to them to complete the double hot eleven of the turnover target this year brought plenty of confidence. This year’s women’s apparel industry sales rose, snidel brand in advance!

The Olympic Games kicked off soon Yu Yuan price is expected to challenge 35 yuan shoe shoe market in air jordan x retro white varsity red light steel grey online Cheap Air jordan 4 mars blackmon white varsity red black cheap

[footwear enterprises stock market] 2017 Olympic Games will be opened next week, is expected to further warming the sports boom, consumer demand for sports goods continued strong, especially sports shoes sales obviously ran out. Yue Yuen Group (00551) for a number of large-scale international sports brand sports shoes manufacturers and retail business run sporting goods, food is the Olympic hot, the price is expected to challenge 35 yuan. In recent years the sport boom emerge, this year coincides with the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games held in Brazil, is expected in the Olympic effect, sales will continue to drive the sports shoes and clothing. Hong Kong’s sporting goods stocks, in addition to a public familiar with the mainland sports brands, Lining (02331), Anta sports (02020) and XTEP International (01368), and so on, to benefit from the boom driven sales growth. Yu Yuan international sports brand sports shoes manufacturers, engaged in sales of sports shoes and clothing, a slice of this movement boom. The international sports brand customers Yu Yuan business is mainly divided into two, one is for a number of large international brands of footwear, including Nike, Adidas, New customers Balance and emerging sports brand Under Armour and so on, are international brand sports shoes. At the same time, the group’s retail business engaged in sports apparel Baosheng International (03813), in the Greater China region, a retail network, footwear and clothing sales of international brands. In the movement of hot products, shoe orders Yu Yuan can be benefited from the brand and increase its retail business growth is expected to accelerate. The group first quarter of this year continued growth in first quarter net profit of about $95 million 330 thousand, up 5.8%; turnover also rose 3.1% to about $2 billion 30 million. The sports shoes and sandals business turnover increased by 5.7% and 17.6%, with total revenues of nearly $1 billion; influence helped to offset the casual and outdoor shoes business revenue fell 10.8%. During the period of athletic footwear business turnover continued to rise, that greatly benefit NMD series of sports shoes to their customers Adidas new sales, to undertake orders increase Yu yuan. Adidas NMD series of limited edition sneakers, during March this year in Hongkong and Taiwan went on sale, caused panic buying craze. In the NMD series of hot lead, the first quarter of this year Adidas footwear product revenue amounted to 2 billion 600 million euros, an increase of 23%, much higher than the increase in the 11% increase in sportswear. Adidas has raised this year’s continued growth in business earnings forecasts, from 10% to 12% to 18% to 15%, in order to reflect the performance of sports shoes

business performance than expected. Benefit from the strong sales of Adidas sports shoes, Yu Yuan future orders are expected to increase. Brokerage Citigroup earlier published reports that, Adidas and Armour Under results, in the past few quarters of sustained growth, will become the main driving force to promote the growth of Yu Yuan performance. This year net profit growth expected to accelerate as another major

customer Nike, as of the end of the month for the fourth 20175 quarter turnover increased by only 6% to $8 billion 240 million, earnings are back 2)

Quanzhou Enterprises the transformation and upgrading of the way the government helping the domestic air jordan xx8 retro electric green black sale air jordan xii black siren red sale

[domestic] dynamic in the face of the current downtown pressure on the economy, government and enterprises to breaking? 23 to 24, the provincial Party Secretary Quan led the provincial departments responsible person came to Quanzhou, visited enterprises, held a forum to understand the economic situation, to upgrade for transformation of enterprises. Along the way, from the shop floor to the table, Quanzhou enterprises with a steady pace of technological transformation, innovative business ideas, plan the layout of the future are far-reaching, the transformation and upgrading of the “Quanzhou answer”, also showed the “red flag is not” sheep style. Ask the current difficulties, business confidence? In a difficult juncture, listen to the spring rate is introduced, we start planning, you can always find not the same confidence, eager to hear the transformation of development mode. – confidence comes from different horizons: good products to create new markets “excess market just those products of low level and extensive production, new and high value-added products is still a vast space.” Chairman of association of industry and Commerce City, Heng Group CEO Xu Lianjie said, “the entrepreneur must have confidence. Constantly through technical innovation, product innovation to close to customer demand, you can create new customers, new markets, and higher value.” He said that in recent years, transformation of HengAn products to high value-added, gross margin has been improved, which is essentially the product innovation dividend. The first quarter of this year sales increased significantly, this is not because the digestion of excess capacity, but the enterprise since 2017 began to realize the arrival of the era of big data, set up information platform, adhere to the internal reform results. On this view, many enterprises Great minds think alike. stephen. Last year, Jomoo sales of 300 thousand units of smart toilet, the output value of nearly 400 million yuan, accounting for about of total output value. And this piece of the new extension of the blue ocean,

the current wide heart. Jomoo chairman Lin Xiaofa said: “the Japanese intelligent toilet market coverage rate is 90%, and Chinese currently less than 4%, the light there is a hundred billion market!” similarly, the excess rate is as high as 30% – 50% of the current Chinese in textile and garment industry, relying on the technology superior to others this year, Longfeng textile orders have been placed in July and August. – confidence comes from tenacity: shuffle, is a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the baptism of LED in recent years falling prices, but output is still 50% growth last year photoelectric XinDa. General manager Xu Huisheng believes that this is a short-term pain, in the long run, means that the market is more acceptable degree. Is expected to “13th Five-Year”, photoelectric industry market advantage will be further tilted to the technology, channels, scale enterprises, resource integration, merger and reorganization is the main tone. At present, the XinDa has been in the first echelon of the industry. This year will be in the supply side of the reform of the opportunity to seize the opportunity to force, plans to complete the output value of over 2 billion yuan. “Over the past 5 years, haocaitou food grew 100 times last year, the output value of 2 billion yuan, the first quarter of this year growth of 300%!” Chairman Chen Zhongshi also sees the opportunity from crisis. “These difficulties, will lead the industry reshuffle, including Wahaha, master of such enterprises, the annual decline in market share reached tens of billions, this is an opportunity, we should dare to compete for)

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WeChat friends to climb the mountain news in the spring, the number of climbers to break the record after the summer of this year and now has entered the fall, the mountain is still not out of sight of the signs of the people. The speed of the Spanish climber KilianJornet according to previous reports, the speed of the Spanish climber KilianJornet will attempt to create from the Rongbu Temple (Chinese Tibet autonomous region) of the peak of the arrival speed climbing record at. He expects… China University of Geosciences (Beijing) the successful ascent of queershan WeChat friends | [13 August 20178] mountain news at 6:20 in the morning of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) team of nine players and the Department of physical education teacher Deng Junwen successfully reached the summit of queershan. Majestic queershan towering on the southeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau, 6168 meters above sea level. Last year due to weather reasons, the team stop at 5950 meters above sea level. Today, the earth Agency two years back to peak the first station, we have left in queershan on regret has finally been successful. . Cheap Air jordan 5 gs cement grey retro pink foil raspberry red for sale .. KAILAS Keller Shi Yangshuo Climbing Festival grand launch of WeChat friend | [news] climbing sixth KAILAS Keller Shi Yangshuo Climbing Festival in 20178 months on the morning of 1 Cheap Air jordan 10 retro shoes wolf grey dark powder blue new slate atomic orange 3 9:00 started in Yangshuo West Street, it is an annual grand gathering of climbing enthusiasts at home and abroad, this event attracted thousands of climbers from all over the world experiences. Is different from the previous Climbing Festival, this event in the organizers and the Yangshuo County Government jointly promote the invitation of the rock climbing intercontinental line member, the National… WeChat friends to climb the mountain news in the mountaineering activities, the sudden attack of the wind and carry a snow or snow weather phenomenon known as the storm. The Snowstorm Weather prone to frostbite, Huazhui, was buried, lost, snow storm brought great difficulties and dangers for marching and camping. Therefore, we should scientifically grasp and use the opportunity to choose

the weather, standby camp, camp master principle, especially the mountain camp site selection, but also organize… “Cliff artistic gymnastics” 2016 Guangzhou climbing tournament held in WeChat friend | [news] August 6th climbing -7 “Marco Polo tile” cup 2016 Guangzhou climbing open at the Guangzhou University City Sports Center, Asia’s largest artificial rock climbing venue opened. The game not only provides a competitive platform for rock climbing enthusiasts, to promote the further development of China’s rock climbing, passing the spirit of rock climbing, but also to the scene of the audience brought a visual feast. “Farsighted, since the margin at the top… Nepal issued 2016 new rules appear to be strictly enforced to climb Mount Everest WeChat friends | [news] according to Nepal mountaineering media reports, recently the government of Nepal tourism sector will climb Mount Everest released the latest regulations, compared with the previous 2017, more stringent rules appear to reach the summit of Mount Everest: 2017 the climber must have to strictly limit the helicopter arrived at the Mount Everest guide over the headquarters to the certificate issued by the summit Sherpas over 75 years of age.

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The trend of fashion collocation contact sports star runway model Gallery street life of luxury goods search special shoes and shoe street life shoe bag accessories brand news your position? A long johns with fashionable insulation? Such collocation can still super chic 2016-11-02 this season? Hair dress fashion how to choose to keep warm and good-looking? 2016-11-01? Korean girl iconic outfit both wear and there is no lack of fashion 2016-11-01? A stylish and skinny pants wardrobe is rare luxury 2016-10-28 fashion and new gameplay? This year the wear trend is all wear stack 2016-10-28? All-match and fashionable camel coat collocation so tall on 2016-10-27? Chic both warm sweater, look at what this popular style 2016-10-27? The most real wear clothing from the mortal value of model is that she 2016-10-26? Warm yellow fashion tide swept the world, everywhere is smoking eye!

2016-10-26? Aerobics pants has become a fashion darling is not like the original 2016-10-25? Fine autumn fashion pose Handsome suit is all-match weapon in the season between 2016-10-25? Can come and go as it – in the long skirt! 2016-10-21? Fashion cowboy changing elements of a single product will never fade 2016-10-21? This season sweater collocation scheme of sports leisure and fashion 2016-10-20? Autumn began to stockpile, popular elements of the second half of the less they 2016-10-20 Get? This recipe and tip yourself through slimming! 2016-10-19? This autumn and winter wear mom when she was young. The tide of the most fashionable fashion 2016-10-19? The most popular single product utility make your whole autumn beautiful super worry 2016-1

0-18? This week in the hitchhiker’s Guide to the different climate make you the same fashion 2016-10-18? Based outfit formula with winter fashionable step faster than others 2016-10-17? Fashion bloggers newcomer she can emerge in an endless stream Said the trend indicator 2016-10-17? S casually pose, minute with you youth 2016-10-14? nike air jordan retro 9 ix olive Trendsetter street shot of the most worth of style sweater becomes the second focus of 2016-10-14? Look at these Hongbo owners to autumn through a new realm of fashion! 2016-10-11? Denim jacket is warm and fashionable two. So wear on 2016-10-10? Four essential all-match jeans, you really will take? 2016-10-1 Cheap Air jordan golden moments pack price 0? Want to create a stylish look white skirt overhangs? Let your every day 2

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The WeChat friend | [news] industry in November 24th, held in Kunming work conference report of the national light industry information statistics and key enterprises, the meeting commended 2015 advanced units and advanced individuals 2017 degrees of statistical work. China Sewing Machinery Association was air jordan jumpman team 1 mens awarded the national light industry annual statistical work advanced unit title, the association of comprehensive business department Lu Fang was rated advanced individuals. In recent years the association of information statistics and analysis work closely around the needs of the development of the industry, a China shoe… 8 seconds to make a transformation of automatic shoe WeChat friends | [domestic] dynamic as a manufacturing power, 60% shoes in the world have been produced by China. Henan Longfeng group is a comprehensive enterprise which product types of fur, leather products and raw materials distribution. In the finished product category, Long Feng years ago, began to work for a number of well-known brands of retail shoe manufacturers do OEM oem. But as the overall cost of the rise, the plant has begun to realize the “crisis””. “Now the wages… CNC integrated multicolor similar foreign shoes, breaking the monopoly of WeChat | [] friends industry news in the Taiwan area” 13th Five-Year “plan, machinery and equipment industry is an important direction for future development. As a key project this year Taiwan area, located in the town of Dongyuan ligitek precision machinery project has been put into operation, the annual output value will exceed 100 million yuan. A plant completed into production into ligitek precision machinery project site, building 2, yellow standard consists of processing workshop, assembly workshop and 1 dormitories… The first half of 2016 shoe-making machine automation engineering machinery industry event inventory WeChat friends | [brand] five years of continuous dynamic trough, where enough let engineering machinery to recognize their own the development of the problem. Excess, blind expansion brings the serious production accounts receivable remains high, risk concentration superposition for many engineering machinery agents and machine manufacturing enterprises complain incessantly. Shut down, merger, transfer, incorporation, reorganization, is that the construction machinery industry in the “new normal” it?. At present, around the service (repair and maintenance of thousands… July consolidated revenue of 1 billion 850 million yuan over the same period before the record WeChat friend | [brand] dynamic Qianfu industry announced since end July consolidated revenues of 280 million yuan, the monthly increase of 9.84%, the annual increase of 10.19%, a record high earlier. Thousand Fu said that this is mainly for the precision of the cause of the components of the strong demand driven growth performance, respectively, compared with last month, the same period last year, growth of 42.59% and 66.5%. Thousands of total consolidated revenue of 1 billion 850 million yuan

in July this year, the annual increase of 11.33%, also hit a record high over the same period; the precision technology camp… Survival, innovation and development of the road to shoe shoe WeChat friend | [news] industry currently Chinese shoemaking industry, although the day before the release of the General Administration of sport “sports industry” 13th Five-Year “planning” the policy stimulus, but profit only belongs to the sports brand, the situation can not be offset by the industry downturn. Weak China shoes, shoes shoes directly affect the survival of many small and medium-sized shoe brand development predicament. With the 2017 “third degrees China shoe page

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Day high (NIKKO) sporting goods company was founded in 1981, the headquarters is located in Hongkong. Over the past 20 years, NIKKO has been to love sports, outdoor camping and tourism to provide the best backpack, clothing and equipment. The main products: Bags – in terms of sales over the past twenty years, visibility and popularity of NIKKO products occupy the League for many years. Type NIKKO backpack complete to 90 liters of Camping Backpack, travel bags, sports bags, small portable backpack, daily bike backpack, briefcase, until close with pockets, mobile phone bags, its design, materials and colors in the continuous improvement of progress, also followed the trend pace. In 1993 NIKKO launched the first outdoor leisure casual wear design, its outstanding features and fashion, instant interest, accepted by consumers. After years of pioneering and development, including functional clothes series has windproof waterproof breathable (GORE-TEX, WINDSTOPER), NIKKO first brought to Hongkong by windbreaker, breathable warm fleece jacket, down jacket, cotton more sweat warm air jordan 1 retro ko hi ajko 2012 underwear, sportswear, sports T- shirt, sweater, Safari etc.. Clothing and footwear, outdoor equipment is certainly not less climbing shoes, waterproof and durable and suitable for any terrain shoes, mountaineering shoes to become one of the hot products NIKKO. NIKKO brand under the other camping products, more sleeping bags, tents, climbing poles, seats, compass, etc., more than more than and 50 kinds of categories, more than a thousand models of products. NIKKO development with the times, launched in 1995 and swimwear goggles series, style by level to provide more lively have more personal choice for consumers. Swimming goggles and accepted by the market, a booster for the development of NIKKO style products, since the products include slippers, beach towels, water skiing clothes floating plate, etc., can be described as Goods are available in all varieties. Always forward, never stop the development of NIKKO business is the spirit of the 1997 launch of sunglasses series, first launched is sought after by consumers and support, the new series of waves launched. As a

world-class brand, NIKKO footprints everywhere, NIKKO distribution network by the Nordic Norway, Soviet Union, Swiss central to South America Chile, Argentina, Pacific, Australia and New Zealand China. Become the world’s first outdoor sports and leisure brand is the day has been the pursuit of the goal! Company Huasheng Sports Equipment Co Ltd (NIKKO SPORTS) for outdoor and camping supplies on the market pioneer. NIKKO was founded in 1979 and headquartered in Hongkong. To

coordinate the development of the Chinese market, NIKKO has offices in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and Wuhan, with more than 300 sales points across the country. Major markets in Asia include Hongkong, Macao, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. NIKKO actively expand the global network of point of sale, the current business has spread throughout Europe, the Pacific region, the Americas and Africa more than 10 countries. NIKKO brand.

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[news] 2017 digital and 2015 Pathfinder Q1 EPS were 0.58 yuan, 0.18 yuan, net profit growth of 18.3% and 21.4%, respectively, in line with expectations: 2017 the company achieved revenue 1 billion 720 million, an increase of 18.7%; owned by the parent net profit of 294 million, an increase of 18.3%, EPS was 0.58 yuan, in line with expectations. Which 2017 single Q4 revenue 710 million, an increase of 15.5%, net profit of 116 million of the mother, an increase of 8.2%. 2017Q1 revenue 380 million, an increase of 20.8%, net profit of 90 million, an increase of 21.4%. At the same time the company announced, intends to Qihoo 360’s world star company, 2 executives and 10 core staff jointly set up the Beijing wild play Technology Co., Ltd. invested 2 million 250 thousand accounted for 51%, located in the outdoor intelligent hardware platform. The main brand new brand + steady growth fast volume, online and offline collaborative development: 1) to actively explore new brand brand promotion, 2017DiscoveryExpedition and Kennuo respectively to Cheap Air jordan 1 wolf grey cool grey bright citrus deep royal blue achieve revenue of 3

9 million 800 thousand and 17 million 980 thousand, the low base increased by about 14 times and 5 times, it is still in the incubation stage. Excluding the new brand and green net income, expected toread main brand revenue 1 billion 650 million, an increase of 14.7%, faster than the

industry growth rate of 11.3%. 2) the company continues to improve the construction of O2O, there are 29 lines to join the online distribution platform to join the business, revenue growth of 63% to 440 million. Pathfinder chain stores, a net increase of 63 to 1677, Discovery to 54 stores, and to strengthen the line shop enhanced positioning interactive consumer experience. 2017 decline in gross profit margin, 2015Q1 appears to rise, driven by net interest rate increase: 14) 1 consolidated gross profit margin of 48.8%, down 1.2pct, 15Q1 rose 1.1pct to 51%. 14) 2 years since the rapid growth of the dilution rate, 14 years of sales and management expense ratio decreased by 0.8 and 0.7pct, respectively, 15Q1 decreased by 0.2 and 1.4pct. 14 year net interest rate edged down to 17.2%, 15Q1 net interest rate to upgrade 0.1pct to 24.6%. 3) by the end of 14 the cheap jordan halo 4 early release company stock is 299 million, than at the beginning of the year increased by only 7 million 640 thousand; by the end of 14, accounts receivable increased by 60 million to 133 million compared with the beginning of the year, 15Q1 slightly decreased; net cash flow from operating activities increased by 33% to 290 million, 15Q1 growth of 68%, the overall asset quality is relatively stable. The company set up 15 years of higher income growth targets, the future will actively build ecosystem and channel optimization and supply chain: the company 15 annual revenue target for growth of 63% to 2 billion 800 million, which increased 17% to 2 billion outdoor travel, 800 million; net profit growth of 7% to 315 million target, which travel loss does not exceed 20 million. The company will be 1) to

the user as the center, to create a pathfinder ecosystem: actively invest through mergers and acquisitions to achieve the integration of resources, three business)

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Autumn and winter fashion popular contact killer Knee Boots collocation to exceed 2016-11-29 14:14:26 how to xz.cn [source: / ideal living lab] print this page off the November 29th hearing, if an autumn and winter fashion killer list, some top knee boots. 2016 autumn and winter this minute exposed your leg defect single product from T station all the way to the street fire. But the reason it told me and down jacket, coat, is not a simple collocation can be easily overcome by a single product, this is like saying you can’t rely on collocation to surrender. But since there have been many students around the fashion to wear the knee boots, it is necessary to give you two strokes, to help you better understand this single product, as far as possible to avoid the collocation. 2016 winter Kneeboots trends we simply summarize the epidemic trend of autumn and winter this year knee boots, but unless you can figure and outstanding temperament on the other collocation with T to play the most fashionable, ordinary students have a lively mood now, because the epidemic trend of autumn and winter this year really not serious knee boots. First of all, from the color, although we know that quiet blue is the 2016 year of the popular color, but when it appears on the boots or really make people not very good. In addition to the quiet blue, Jeremy Scott launched a wave of fluorescent color, ranging from green to yellow, blue and pink; while the CHANEL this season the main bright red color on the sand? We speak out 3 small? Can the Internet have cast magpie thumb Shuo led?? ENZO brand also launched a printing section of knee boots, amazing tiger stripes, small floral pattern Qiangjing strength. In addition to color, the most popular winter this year Kneeboots material is also prohibitive. There are a number of brands have launched a conform to the trend of the velvet knee boots, or take the most eye-catching color line; another bright skin is a big trend. In addition, various materials create new styles PVC, knitting, All flowers bloom together., style of metal material and so on. Six collocation Knee Boots surrender knee boots is a fashion worthy of the name black hole, the high quality requirements of the wearer stature, trends after reading the above you will understand, autumn and winter of 2016 knee boots is a handful of people can enjoy the carnival. But if you really love this knee boots, put aside the trend and so on, to spend time in the collocation is the right way. Buy knee boots is very important is to choose according to the leg type style, pay no attention to this point is very easy to cause the leg defects was magnified. According to the degree of tightness of the shoes are generally close fitting, loose, ultra loose three styles. If your leg is more robust and do not choose to fit the design of the leg, or just like in the lower leg with a flared speaker, shouted: “come and see my little legs.” Thin legs but not straight students, but also do not choose the design of the close, Cheap Air jordan 5 retro black many of the X type legs, O models in the T stage is also on the stage it. If the leg is relatively short, try to avoid too loose style, it will only let you smell