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[news] rolling Southern China region’s largest textile clothing / Footwear Machinery & Material Industry Exhibition – “the seventeenth China (Dongguan) International Textile & Clothing Industry Exhibition” (DTC2016) and seventeenth Chinese (Dongguan) international shoe shoe industry fair “(DFM2016), on 20173 August 2-5 in Dongguan. Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center held around the world, display technology and advanced production equipment, so that exhibitors and buyers to develop business opportunities. Has been much concern to the Chinese (Dongguan) International Textile & Clothing Industry Exhibition and Chinese (Dongguan) international shoe shoe industry technology exhibition attracted more than 350 exhibitors. Exhibitors from China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Germany, South Korea, Italy, the United States, France and Switzerland and other countries and regions. Exhibition brings together industry elite

from around the world. 2017 two exhibition will face changes in the market and customers of high quality Cheng Xi Tan holding vortex? So far long buccal Jing hissing????? Fu Pu Ze suddenly angle??? U, one with a cross frame quack??? Left?? benzene is sent for Mo Xuan fan??! The organizers expect? This year’s textile and garment exhibition exhibits a superb collection of beautiful things, exhibitors include: sewing machine, silver arrow, gem, Dubbo, Kingland, Dongguan Shi Xiang Xing, ZOJE, Yu Island, Kawada, JakobMueller; Hirono Seiki weaving and embroidery; laser Tajima, Han’s laser, Jin Aoyu, art exhibition Feng Lun, and CAD/CAM; Sichuan, Oshima, Shanghai and eagle, topcut bullmer, Piqimu, Kuniomi Chunxiao, etc.. Among them are the hot equipment, accessories, such as fabric / accessories and other international well-known brands of machinery and equipment and products, Southern China area has become the best place to purchase clothing production equipment and processing aids. During the show, of course, there will be no less popular related activities will be held again. “The ninth eye Jie hand marker making competition” to do real technicians and invited parties display skills to the full; industry experts organized “technology seminar”, in-depth study of the textile and garment industry and information technology, to promote the exchange of technology industry in Pearl River delta. Place at the same time there is “seventeenth Chinese (Dongguan) international shoe shoe industry fair” (DFM2016), exhibits include: sole of shoe machine, production line, shoe making machinery, luggage bags, machinery, leather processing machinery, leather and artificial leather and a variety of exhibits are a superb collection of beautiful things. Is expected to exhibitors, including easy high Machinery Co., Ltd. Nitto machinery (Hongkong), Lu Xin Ling, Jin Yuelai, Qi Yu, shoe machine, set up a file, IDA, Qifeng, airshow etc.. As in

previous years, “Hongkong footwear design exhibition area” is the annual highlight of the show, (1970) exhibited by the Hongkong Footwear Association hosted the “Hongkong Footwear Design Competition” in the “Xianmei Rao II? Patellar May 27 Di Mou in feed vinegar which is Ben huh? National? Section pHi in Ru Pyo thumb Nang success flag was Gamaliel? The melon to flounder, colonization and bone, with tight midges? Business situation in the Pearl River Delta manufacturing industry at present, enterprises will be part of the new productivity relocation, manufacturers in addition operations in Guangdong Province, have set up factories in the peripheral provinces. This trend is now

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now nationwide free walking shoes to join the project, to ensure that franchisees worry free operation, professional supervision operations Company will help you to

store site selection, shop decoration, recruitment; provide sales and management personnel training; no regular brand promotional activities in the national or regional media to provide for exchange of goods; unsalable goods processing, allowing you to easily

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make money, enjoy life.

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international shoe shoe network modeling three-dimensional design is based on the model form to a form to display designs. Is the pen, dye, direct.

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[International dynamic] Trump came to power, there are factories cheap air jordan xiii black true red and production capacity in the TPP member of the manufacturing enterprises, is not good news. The Obama administration announced in November 12th that it would not seek to get Congress to pass the TPP during his tenure. And Trump in the campaign has continued to declare the end of the TPP and the United States signed a free trade agreement. That is to say, the possibility of TPP being passed by the United States government becomes smaller. TPP Chinese full name is the trans Pacific Partnership agreement. Member states include the United States, Japan, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam 12 countries. It aims to promote free trade between Member States. It will eliminate or reduce tariffs and non tariff barriers on goods, services, trade and investment in trade. That is to say, the commodity price of TPP member country will be more low. Take footwear products, because there is no tariff, the price will be lower, while the company’s gross profit margin is not reduced, the brand is more favorable. And consumers may also buy more products. According to the United States, the largest footwear products industry association FootwearDistributorsandRetailersofAmerica research, TPP if effective, it will be able to save $500 million in the first year for the U.S. consumer and shoe brands. In the first ten years

is expected to save $6 billion. It believes that TPP can promote innovation in twenty-first Century shoe products, bringing more jobs (apparently non manufacturing jobs). And TPP did not pass, these “cut” and expected “sales rise” of the good news has disappeared. The United States footwear brand more sad, because their shoes are mostly foreign foundry production. According to the U.S. International Trade Commission (InternationalTradeCommission) data, 2017, 98% of the United States sales of footwear products are imported, reaching 27 billion 700 Cheap Air jordan infrared 6 uk million yuan. A very small part of the footwear (2%) is produced in the United States. NewBalance, Keds, Frye and other brands have “made in the United States” series. But for new air jordan sneakers the brand, it is more like a means of marketing and product portfolio strategy: the slogan is patriotic, can attract some consumers; American manufacturing series price will be 50%~100% higher than the same brand Chinese or Vietnam manufacturing price, may be more high-end positioning. In TPP11 countries, the two countries that are more important for the United States are Vietnam and Canada. Vietnam is the second largest importing country and the third largest exporter of American shoe products. On this point, it is the biggest competitor in the Chinese shoe factory. The Keds and Sperry’s parent company, Wolverine, began to amplify productivity in Vietnam when the TPP was not in force. Another country that is affected is Canada. It is the largest exporter of footwear products produced in the United States. 2017, it’s 1 in the United States

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[electricity business channel] recently, Taobao on the line of the Buy+ function. Europe learned that this open experience Buy+ is the use of VR technology, reducing shopping scene, mainly located in the line of stores and consumers have to touch up the China brand, currently contains the Target, Messi Costoco, the Australian Department store, Chemist Warehouse, Matsumoto Kiyo ranch, Japan and Tokyo house 7 stores. In addition to the national characteristics of the landmark. VR mode and panorama mode two main Buy+ channel, the former is immersive experience, need to be fixed on the mobile phone VR glasses box, up and down about turning the head, interact with the focus; the latter do not need VR equipment, can rotate and zoom into the mobile phone or drag your finger for roaming, mainly rely on the touch screen interact. Users can browse the virtual scene in the corresponding goods, buy goods, and finally back to the shopping cart checkout. The system will track the discrimination on the line of sight, when users stare a commodity, the system will automatically determine for Anna goods, then pops up the product details, ask the user whether to buy. With the VR fever started last year, VR technology is used in various fields and gradually become a trend. This year, VR has begun to be applied in the retail area. 20173 month, the Alibaba revealed the VR strategy, and announced the establishment of VR laboratory Lab GM (Magic Lab Gnome), Buy+ program is the first step to test the water. In addition to Ali, the Jingdong is also preparing their own VR system. Billion euros to Jingdong VR/AR strategic layout mainly focus on three aspects of platform, technology and channels, platform to connect the VR/AR upstream and downstream partners, technical aspects of the establishment of VR/AR laboratory, the channel advantage will accelerate the VR market penetration. According to Jingdong VR/AR laboratory technical director Zhao Gang introduction, the Jingdong constructed VR shopping galaxy, the user’s VR shopping process simulation into star roaming user’s shopping cart is a spaceship, full of stars 4 dimensional wormhole, wormhole will track the user’s dynamic behavior. The planet is a basic unit of businesses access, a planet is a store, each planet has address encoding only, similar to URL, the client is equivalent to the 3D browser when the user chooses to enter a planet, the client from the server dynamically loaded content, when the user leaves the planet, the content from the client release, so again and again have access to an infinite number of star content. In addition, VR shopping is also used in the dining area, November 1st, yum Chinese successfully listed, its subsidiary on the same day China Pizza Hut set to “love to share interactive technology” as the theme of the experience area, and prepare VR glasses for the guests. However, it focuses on the display characteristics of pizza hut store environment and service experience, have not yet access to shopping, payment and other functions, the key may lie in marketing. But from another point of view reflects the trend of the popularity of VR and the future of

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shopping consumption trends. At present, VR shopping is still at the primary stage, enterprises in the trial, the user is in the early jordan 10 gs wolf grey adopters!

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You need to face the cool autumn. Practical and fashionable knitted cardigan 2016-09-21 09:09:41 [source: /YOKA fashion network] print this page off the September 21st hearing, in the early autumn cool weather, all you need is a practical and fashionable knitted cardigan, but do you know how to wear the most fashionable? Read the following three groups the different length of variety collocation, you can easily get. How to take down the short cardigan down from last year to this year’s wind fire pajamas do not know if you have not tried? Such as a lazy Sexy Pink nightdress, collocation silver strappy sandals minute awesomeness! So for now the weather, you can directly add a very simple gray cardigan in outside, the same feeling without molimen. The lower down waist high waist jeans and collocation

that Cheap Air jordan hof pack ankle boots will knit cardigan out big legs neat feeling. Here to take up and down cardigan jacket to wear the belt directly

is also very creative! Moderate length is also a collocation knitted material Midi skirt, let the whole shape become especially layering.

The long cardigan coat here: how to build a blue stamp dazzling, more texture in the black background and black mini skirt under cardigan. Key: Brown gauze skirt collocation wool texture Beige cardigan, piercing the little girl romantic feelings. Oversize knitted cardigan style and color are down here with a retro feel, collocation simple T-shirt and jeans and white shoes is good enough. How to wear down the long cardigan down the Khaki knit cardigan suit highlights showing drape material collocation, simple T-shirts with white shoes, exudes a sense of smell and are senior to. Down here wearing a cardigan directly in the Trench coat outside, create a different style of overlap. If you feel too thick, so it can put the coat into styles of lace shirt skirt is also good. Key: pure black long cardigan, is to let you easily narrowed in the vision of the weapon was thin, black and white striped haihunshan collocation! Ripped jeans and neutral wind Oxford shoes, fashion is not like! More Cheap Air jordan 11 retro white black TRUE red on sale exciting content, welcome attention to the official two-dimensional code scanning beneath WeChat brand men’s shoes shoes! Join join join the children’s Encyclopedia sports shoes casual shoes leather shoes to join join join news

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? A newspaper news to create “Jinjiang shoe world, the world Jinjiang shoes” slogan, what kind of person? Yesterday, the reporter should be invited in the province five two company (Zhu Huian Luoyang) the slogan of Mr. Chen Zhendong, came to this newspaper editorial. He said that he did not have a very high degree, but also did not have a very brilliant experience, but the Jinjiang shoe has a simple and profound feelings.

? “Many large enterprises in Jinjiang, have used my stone!” Chen Zhendong could not help but have some pride. Cheap Air jordan 11 low concord style number From a small factory original family hand workshop style, Dachang now has thousands of workers, Chen Zhendong witnessed the changes in Jinjiang, also witnessed the development of Jinjiang shoe industry cluster.

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October 01 March as the Guangzhou fur industry to air jordan 4 fire reds upgrade the brand of transformation “catalyst” and “accelerator” of Guangzhou Baiyun international fur trading center, has officially opened recently. The center will be the largest in the Southern China region fur production base, to create a complete industrial chain of fur, bigger and stronger Southern China region’s largest fur professional market.
“fur village” will be “processing” to jordan 8 bug bunny “innovation”

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Bangkok April 7th news: Asian rubber market buyers Friday onlooker, wait for the

rubber price decline, Cheap Air jordan ii ko Tokyo commodity exchange (TOCOM) phase gel were mixed, the market trend of disordered.

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0531 GMT, the TOCOM index in September fell rubber 7.8 yen to 256.6 yen per kilogram. Thailand and Indonesia trading has been sluggish, almost no overseas buyers in.